Production 168 The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of OzBy L. Frank Baum, With Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score By Harold Arlan and E Y Harburg. Background Music by Herbert Stothart. Dance and Vocal Arrangement by Peter Howard. Adapted by John Kane from the motion picture screenplay.

Performed on Wed 10th to Sat 13th December 2003 at The Kilshawe Theatre





The Cast

The Cast

Dorothy Gale Melissa Friend
Toto Murray
Auntie Em Maureen Mewes
Uncle Henry Peter Ryder
Zeke (Cowardly Lion) Nathan Sewell
Hickory (Tin Man) Duncan Currie
Hunk (Scarecrow) Debbie Pinfold
Almira Gultch (Wicked Witch of the West) Jessica Joy
Professor Marvel (Emerald City Guard & The Wizard of Oz) Christopher Sewell
Glinda (Good Witch of the North) Sue Watson
Mayor Jodie Moat
Barrister Emma Gray
Coroner Tom Foad
Munchkin Tot Erin Pinfold
Teachers Aimee Mills & Lauren Mills
City Fathers Florence Sharman & Eliza Hall
Lullaby League Poppy Charles, Charlotte Dickason, Shelby Harper & Emily Morrison
Lollipop Guild Ben Ebden, Jarrod Piner-Sewell & Oliver Tester
Townsfolk Daniel Austin, Vivian Minter, Sophie Squire & Jessica Whitehouse
Trees Daniel Redsull & Sam Whitehouse
Ozians Duncan Baxter, Sophie Bodie, Jenny Black, Milli Imam, Chloe Keenan, Linda Mewes, Sharon Sewell, Jessica Shiel, Tina Thompson, Aaron Standage, Kristina Thomson, Amy Charles & Samantha Whitehouse
Winkie General Daniel Redsull
Winkie Guards Sophie Bodie, Bradley Dickason, Jack Harris, Kristina Thomson, Amy Charles & Sam Whitehouse
Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys) Aaron Standage
Monkeys Daniel Austin, Tom Foad, Eliza Hall, Aimee Mills, Vivian Minter, Florence Sharman & Jessica Whitehouse
Jitterbug Leaders Emma Gray & Oliver Tester
Jitterbugs Poppy Charles, Charlotte Dickason, Ben Ebden, Tom Foad, Eliza Hall, Shelby Harper, Aimee Mills, Lauren Mills, Vivian Minter, Florence Sharman, Jodie Moat, Oliver Tester, Emily Morrison, Jarrod Piner-Sewell, Erin Pinfold, Sophie Squire & Jessica Whitehouse

Cast of The Wizard of OzCast of The Wizard of Oz








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The Wizard of Oz

Melissa Friend as Dorothy Gale, Debbie Pinfold as Hunk (Scarecrow), Duncan Currie as Hickory (Tin  Man) & Nathan Sewell as Zeke (Cowardly Lion)

Wizard Show is Best Yet

To paraphrase the title of the publicity in this newspaper some 2 weeks ago and well deserved is the accolade. The Guild Players excelled themselves in the production of their latest pantomime The Wizard of Oz. They brought together some new faces, coordinated lighting and effects, a 6-piece orchestra and radio microphone amplification for the principal characters to great effect. The cast was headed by new member Melissa Friend as Dorothy with matching assistance by the much loved experienced trio of Debbie Pinfold as Scarecrow, Duncan Currie as Tin Man and Nathan Sewell as the inimitable Lion as they set off on their quest for the route home, a brain, a heart and courage respectively. The fabulous four were complemented by strong performances from Jessica Joy, Sue Watson and Christopher Sewell. Directing a cast of 50 can have been no easy task and the performance is a measure of the efforts by the production team. The dance sequences were a joy to watch, imaginative and accomplished by Sue Foulds. Costumes were bright, colourful and suitably over the top. The principal characters held their American mid-west accents throughout including Toto, the dog, who must have been word perfect. His manager must be very proud! Based on this performance the Players have set the standard and the challenge for future performances to come. Congratulations to all concerned.

Jeremy Swallow
Published in the East Kent Mercury December 18th 2003

Melissa Friend as Dorothy Gale and the Ozians There’s no place like the Kilshawe Theatre when The Guild Players presented yet another show stopping production. This year The Wizard of Oz landed with a burst of colour and energy from its talented musicians and production team who’d worked extremely hard at encapsulating the land of Oz into such a small venue. We followed Melissa Friend as Dorothy down the yellow brick road encountering the three comedy legends, Nathan Sewell as Cowardly Lion, Duncan Currie as Tin Man and Debbie Pinfold as Scarecrow. The younger members of the cast did a brilliant job in their important roles, including the upbeat Jitterbug track with its energetic dance moves choreographed by Sue Foulds. Justine Sewell took on the challenging role of directing a large cast of children and an up-and-coming animal actor who did a grand job of not forgetting a single line! The Guild Players must be credited for their determination and attention to detail; the puff of smoke coming out of the Tin Man’s hat was a particularly nice touch. Casting an eye over the audience I couldn’t help but notice an elderly lady sitting next to me was roaring as much as the lion. Plus a young boy in front of me was quite relieved when the Wicked Witch, Jessica Joy, was finally defeated, holding his nose from the smoke while bellowing out a raucous ‘BOO!’ A very professional production - can’t wait for 2004!!!

Caroline Acors

I watched the show last night - fantastic performance! See comments below - also I forgot to mention the music, well tuned with great timing! Break a leg for the next few nights! I watched this show last night - 11.12.03. What a fantastic performance by all. Very well chosen Dorothy, great emotion and character from the Lion, a great Tin Man and Scarecrow. Great effects and costumes - especially the melting witch and the smoke coming out of Tin Man! The children looked lovely. I liked the lollipop kids! The 4 year old I took loved the show- especially the real dog! He was a little scared of the bad witch!

Caroline Venner
Published in Pfizer Pipeline December 12th 2003

I took my grandson to see The Wizard of Oz in Deal. What an excellent evening! Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion and Wicked Witch were excellent. The children (Munchkins) were charming and well behaved; the costumes and music were of a high standard; the story and songs have everything. The Guild Players did it justice. They should be proud of their achievement and congratulated. Thanks for a memorable evening!

Mavis Fitzsimmons
Published in the East Kent Mercury letters page December 23rd, 2003

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend last night’s wonderful performance — we had a wonderful time! Congratulations to the cast and organisers for producing such a professional show. It was so imaginative, funny, dramatic and colourful; so much talent and enthusiasm just shone throughout! We hope all goes well for the remaining performances. Deal is privileged to have this high standard of entertainment in its midst.

Pauline & Jeremy Adams
Letter to Christopher Sewell

Production Team

Production Team

Producer & Director Justine Sewell
Musical Director Clair Booth
Assistant Musical Director Richard McPherson
Choreographer Sue Foulds
General Assistant Simon Tester
Set Design/Painting Gail Pointon
Technical Director Wayne Pointon
Set Construction Nick Nettleship, David Carter, Paul Hilton, Duncan Baxter & Duncan Currie
Backstage Crew Nick Nettleship, Jonathan Spencer, Gavin Dickason, Simon Tester, Mark Hall & Marcello Tomasini
Lighting/Sound/Special Effects Bill Butler & Gary Shepherd
Follow Spot Danny Moor & James Styles
Wardrobe Mistresses Christine Eyden & Mary Kettyle
Costume Designers Derek Allaway, Debbie Pinfold & Justine Sewell
Seamstresses Heather Gray, Amanda Harper & Milli Iman
Props Angela Jeffery & Ann Nettleship
Make-up Nickki Royden & Nadya Bovas
Murray's Manager Michelle Whitehouse
Prompt Charles Bain-Smith
Front of House Gill Watson and Team
Orchestra Piano; Clair Booth, Strings; Richard McPherson, Trumpets; Andrew Moody & Jules Prosser, Electric Bass; Pete Bryan, Flute; Lauren Donaldson & Percussion; Rachel Brooks

Jessica Joy as Almira Gultch (Wicked Witch of the West), Susan Watson as Glinda (Good Witch of the North) & Melissa Friend as Dorothy GaleMelissa Friend as Dorothy Gale & Christopher Sewell as Professor Marvel